Map & Direction to the Wave House Sentosa in Singapore

Wave House Sentosa is located on the hippest beachfront in Singapore, Siloso Beach in Sentosa (36 Siloso Beach Walk, Sentosa
Main Line: +65 6377 3113)

"Drive & Park" Turn onto Sentosa Gateway from the main island, keep right when you reach a fork in the road and you will reach Sentosa Gantry; past the gantry, take a right turn onto the 2nd exit at the roundabout onto Artillery Avenue. Follow the road, turn left onto Beach View. Continue along this road and you will reach the Beach Car Park on your right. There are 600 parking lots available.

"Taxi" Follow the directions above and head toward the taxi stand located at the Beach Station.



The Shashinzan JohJuin Tairyuji Temple 古来より「西の高野」と称される太龍寺山頂にある名刹で、空海の有名著書「三教指帰 Sangoshiki」に「其經説若人依法誦此眞言一百萬遍即得一切教法文義諳記於焉信大聖之誠言望飛焔於鑚燧躋攀阿國大瀧嶽勤念土州室戸崎谷不惜響明星來影」(其經説く若し人法に依り此眞言を一百萬遍誦ずれば 即ち一切の教法を得 文義を諳記す 焉に於て大聖の誠言を信じて 燧を鑚り焔を飛ぶを望み 阿國大瀧嶽に躋攀し 土州室戸崎に勤念す 谷響を惜しまず明星來影す)と登場する歴史的にも有名な寺院。The Shashinzan JohJuin Tairyuji Temple in Awa Japan, a very famous histrical temple as described in the "Sangoshiki" by Kookai in 797