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AwaOdori SNS

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The ‘AwaOdori DaiEmaki’ Show will be held at AwaOdori in Fall 2018 at the Asty Tokushima on 03-04 November in Awa Japan (Two showtimes a day at 12:00/14:00). Timetable and Schedule PDF of AwaOdori in Fall 2018 at Asty Tokushima in Awa Japan

Rakuten Fashion Week Tokyo 2023SS in Shibuya Tokyo

Rakuten Fashion Week Tokyo 2023SS takes place from Monday 29 August to Saturday 3 September 2022 in Shibuya Tokyo. It is time for designers to show their Spring/Summer 2023 collections. But because of the COVID-19 health crisis, the event will adapt to the health measures.

阿波おどり AwaOdori 2022

2022年「阿波おどり」は、新型コロナウィルス感染防止策のもと、8月12日から15日の期間中、通常より縮小規模で開催の予定。(主催: 阿波おどり未来へつなぐ実行委員会)
会場: 前夜祭(8/11 アスティとくしま), 選抜阿波おどり(あわぎんホール), 有料演舞場 (藍場浜・南内町), 無料演舞場 (両国本町・新町橋), おどり広場等 (新町橋東・両国橋南・アミコドーム・シビックセンター)

東京マラソン Tokyo Marathon 2021 (2022年開催)




Eliud Kipchoge of Kenya who won the Tokyo Marathon 2021 (the event originally scheduled for October 17 2021, however it was postponed to March 6, 2022 due to COVID-19) is running to the last corner on the Marunouchi Naka-dori St in Tokyo 2022.

More photos of the “TM2021” will be available on the site. Check out our update info at @AwaOdoriSNS via Twitter or this site. All photos are copyrighted material and all rights are reserved by & related companies.

Tokyo Rainbow Pride 2022 Parade & Fest in Shibuya

東京渋谷で3年ぶりのリアル開催となる「Tokyo Rainbow Pride 2022 Parade & Fest」(主催:東京レインボーパレード) が開催され、世代・地域の枠を超えた約2,000人の参加者が代々木公園に集結し、「繋がる」をテーマに渋谷の街をパレード。新型コロナ感染症対策のもと、フェスティバルは入場制限を行いながらの3日間開催とし、約67,000人の動員となった。
Thousands of TRP2022 attendees parade down the streets of Shibuya on the Koendori Ave at Tokyo Rainbow Pride 2022 Parade & Fest which was held for the first time in three years in Shibuya, Tokyo Japan.